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Amber Rose neon pink nails

Neon nails look stunning at any time of the year. Some prefer to restrict neon shades to the summer months, while others (like me) place no restrictions on adding a glow to their finger tips.

Amber Rose neon pink nails

As spring begins to set in and the sun begins to shine, if you would like to add some vibrancy to your manicure, check out a selection of pink neon colours that can give you the Amber Rose look.

Orly VaVa Voom

Orly VaVa Voom, neon pink nail polish,
with a creamy finish £6.99


Nails Inc Notting Hill

Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate, a stunning,
chip resistent, neon shade £11



Misa Hot People Like You

Misa Hot People Like You, a bright hot pink nail polish
with a slight purple/blue reflection, £6.99


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