Would you wear stiletto nails like Amber Rose?

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Amber Rose stiletto nails

Pointed tips: Amber Rose with stiletto nails on The Wendy Williams Show


Stiletto nails is a trend that has been around for a while, embraced by the fashion conscious, that perhaps want to add a little edge to their style. Whilst celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Adele have embraced this look, we know it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

Amber Rose recently made a guest appearance on Wendy Williams, showcasing her black stiletto nails and host Wendy was as drawn to her tips as I was. Amber is famous for her stunning and distinct unique look and style (as well as being the ex Girlfriend of rapper Kanye West), and as usual she looked fantastic, going for a slightly more demure look with a simple black and white, optical illusion polar neck and wide leg trousers, teamed with black stiletto tips.

Close up: Amber Rose's stiletto nails


Get the stiletto look
You can achieve stiletto nails using acrylic or gel, applied by a professional (recommend for best results). Once the acrylic/gel has been added to your nails, you simply file the tip into a long, tapered triangular shape, creating a dramatic point. The shape of the stiletto nail is entirely down to personal choice, some people go for a sharper look, whilst others opt for a more rounded tip. To complete the look, choose a coloured polish or a nail art design. Once dry, you’re ready to go…

LOUD album art: Rihanna with stiletto tips


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For Amber Rose fans
The interview with Wendy Williams was an interesting one and worth a watch! enjoy…

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